Love to remember.
Love to remember.

“It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.”

“It’s over!” This is the command that you would like your mind to understand. It is what you are telling it to do. How can that be when our mind is logical and heart is the center of emotions? Heart can always remember what the mind can forget. Heart can only stop beating but would never ever be sick to force itself to forget someone when the mind knows that the heart still feels the love. The heart is the one who gets hurt but is it the mind who processes all other information that makes you realize. Love is a very special feeling that completes our being and this is why it is also hard to leave behind once it over. Whether it be for a special someone or for lovely people that have been a part of your amazing world.

Brain, on a logical aspect can easily dictate to forget because, according to study, the human brain is the only organ in the human body that lacks nerves despite the fact that it acts as the central command for the central nervous system. This fact implies that the human brain feels no pain and can have the capacity of forgetting and moving forward.

After every painful ending of a relationship, moving forward and getting a new life is the hardest thing to do. As the mind remembers and pictures the happy moments together, it is also the same time that the mind is working logically understanding what happened, who is at fault and what to do next. In the same way, the heart is keeping up finding ways to restore, reconnect, recover and would do its best to keep all memories and feelings fresh until it reaches the point of forgetting without any time frame. In time it will forget. In time it will move on. It time pain will be healed.

In the event that a person is already determined to move forward, forget and leave everything behind, things will not be as easy as eating nuts. Our memory lane retains information that the heart values and treasure so much. However, the brain itself our determination of forgetting by changing the environment, indulging ourselves to a busier life and focusing ourselves to newer perspective to start over again are good ways of keeping up and forget.

Determination versus a heart that is weeping and still remembering would be ones biggest challenge. Even if the mind is ready, it will still be as hard if the heart is yet to heal and becomes strong enough to stand up and believe what the minds suggests. As they are connected to each other, even if all means are exhausted and you are set to upcoming changes, the heart will keep on appealing to the mind not to forget and the mind will find it hard to push for gradual changes.



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